Poking Fun

I caught a few minutes of that new television show, Commander in Chief, last night. Man, this show is not flinching when it comes to lobbing thinly veiled criticisms of the current Commander in Chief through your television set each night.

In last night’s episode, Geena Davis’ character, Madam President, is visiting Florida after a deadly hurricane (hmm, I wonder where the writers came up with that crazy premise). She’s visiting some evacuees in an airplane hangar somewhere when it becomes necessary for one of her assistants to tell the President about an oil tanker that is in trouble off the coast of Florida. She is reading a children’s story to a group of kids when the staffer approaches and whispers in her ear. Without missing a beat, Geena Davis stands up, says “now who wants to finish reading this story” to the kids and quickly walks away. I laughed and laughed.

My wife turned around and said to me, “you’re going to write about this on themuy tomorrow, aren’t you?” Yes, honey. Yes I am.

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