Florida Chips

The wife and I went down to Florida recently for 4th of July festivities at my parent’s house. While we were there, we took in a day of outlet store shopping and found some good deals. For lunch, we stopped at a chain sandwich shop in one of those outdoor malls that you see popping up everywhere these days. We were finishing up our meal when I grabbed my wife’s tray to go empty it in the trash. She snatched her unopened bag of potato chips off the tray and said, “don’t throw this away, it’s a perfectly good bag of chips.” I remember thinking that there’s no way either of us will eat those chips.

I just opened up the lunch that my wife made for me last night. It consists of: a turkey sandwich, strawberry yogurt, m&m’s and that bag of chips from Florida.

Nice work, honey. Waste not want not.

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