Where’s the Content?

Take a look at this page and mentally seperate the content from the ads (don’t forget to scroll all the way down).

I wonder who thinks that the ads on that page do anything good for anybody. Certainly not the user, and I can’t imagine how the client thinks that their ad is going to have any amount of click through from that page.

Note to pcmag.com: this doesn’t work.

Note to anyone else working in the web industry right now: if you ever get to the point where you have anything to do with a web page that looks like this, either raise hell to get it fixed or quit.

(Found on Veen’s site)

Froogle Monitor

I spent about a half hour today creating a php script that checks the front page of froogle for the most recently searched items. It will live over there in the right nav until I get tired of it. If you want the code for your own site (requires php 4 compiled with cURL) just let me know.

Update: So far this is the best search I’ve seen: kung fu hamster

R.I.P. Webmonkey

When I bluffed my way into a dot com job about 5 years ago, I needed to learn html. And fast. Webmonkey seriously saved my ass. Reading those well-written, humorous and instructional articles about web design, coding and theory were how I learned to do what I do.

I was also lucky to work with Stephanie. She taught me everything else. When I couldn’t decipher why a complicated nested table wasn’t displaying properly, Stephanie would take one look at it and say, “you’re missing a </tr> tag right there.” Having her around was crucial in making sure I didn’t lose my mind and she was a patient, highly-skilled teacher. Stephanie chipped in where Webmonkey couldn’t.

Anyway, the point of all of this is, thanks Webmonkey (and Stephanie!). You rocked my and many people’s world and will be sorely missed.

Webmonkey, 1996 – 2004

from the frequently amazing ftrain.com:

from the frequently amazing ftrain.com:

Crucifixion for better abs
There is something wrong with American skimming, turning away when it gets ugly or hard, when your comfort is threatened. It’s finding a new way to toss knucklebones – Kabbalah, say, or Meditation, or Yoga, or Charismatic Catholicism, rather than facing the ugliness in front of you, or more likely inside you, choosing instead a new, happy religion that will keep you from doing the hard thing, which is admitting you’re an asshole.

You should read ftrain.com.

This is what is cool

This is what is cool about reading weblogs. I know nothing about Pim Fortuyn. Well, now I know alot more about him by reading former MTV VJ Adam Curry’s weblog. What’s most disturbing is that it appears that the mainstream media has been distorting the truth (I know, nothing new) about Fortuyn. Here, read for yourelf: The Big Lie.

Rock on, Adam Curry!