Commuting Like It’s 1999

This morning as I hopped into my souped up, crime-fighting 2002 VW Golf for the daily commute to my undercover job as a corporate drone, I performed the usual pre-flight routines.

  1. Stainless steel travel mug filled with Guayaki Greener Green Tea? Check
  2. Laptop? Check
  3. Prescription eyeglasses with polarized sunglass attachment? Check
  4. iPod? …
  5. iPod?? …
  6. iPod!!!!??? …
  7. Noooooooooooo!

Yep, my iPod died in my hands. Well, not died as in dead, but died as in it seemed to be working but showed that I had 0 songs instead of my roughly ~3500. I quickly ran inside and tried to perform a restore from my iTunes. Success! Now, let’s just wait for it to sync everything back up.

5 minutes later: “copying 568 of 3487 songs”

It quickly became apparent that this was going to take longer than the -10 minutes I had to wait before I was even later for work. So, I had to steel myself to the fact that I would have to drive both legs of my commute without my lifeline, my sanity-saver, my lovely iPod.

Yeah, it was pretty horrible. But, I made it in this morning with my wits about me. We’ll see how the horrid Atlanta Friday 6pm commute goes. I might not make it. Say a little prayer for me.

And now, for no reason whatsoever, is me and Charlie playing soccer:


The dirt is still on my shoes from burying you. Erin and I picked a great spot for you in the backyard where it’s sunny most of the day. We think you’ll like it there.

You were a great friend. I remember taking naps and waking up to you on my chest, purring your little heart out. Other times, when I was sleeping on my side, I’d find you curled up in a ball near my chest where it’s warm. You loved to rub up against our oldest dog, Sage. You two were quite a pair.

You loved to chase plastic caps all over our house. I still expect to hear the sound of a cap flying across the floor in the other room and you running after it to pounce. Erin and I are saving the caps we find around the house to remember you by.

You were the kind of cat that cat-haters like. Erin and I never liked cats (and probably still don’t) until you came into our lives. You were so sweet and cute. You actually came when you were called. If I yelled out from the bedroom, Nutkin!, you’d come running and hop up onto the bed. I’m really going to miss that.

When I woke up this morning, I had no idea I’d be saying goodbye to you today. Erin and I wish we could have just one more day with you, and it’s excruciating that we cannot. The only solace we have right now is that we gave you a great little life and you will be the source of many great memories as we go through the rest of our lives.

I love you, Nutkin. Goodnight.

Want a Puppy?

I went running last night with my doggies and happened upon a homeless dog on the mean streets of Ormewood Park. She was in really bad shape and so, with the help of the wife, I brought her home.

She’s a one year old black lab mix. We’ve given her the temporary name Clementine and she’s really cute. The wife took her to the vet today and the vet told her the dog has mange and a mild case of heartworms. Both of these issues are being taken care of and Clem should be ready for adoption in about 3 weeks.

I’ll post a photo later, but in the meantime, if you (or anyone you know) think you might want a cool dog, please contact me.