My days have been getting away from me recently. Work’s been kind of crazy, I’ve got way too many freelance web projects cooking, we’re real busy at home, the holidays are coming up and I’ve been working on yet another music project. I feel like I spend all day writing/answering emails, working on code, FTP’ing files, and trying to keep all of the right projects compartmentalized in the right areas of my brain. By the time I get a chance to look at my watch it’s 6pm already.

Today I launched a client’s web site, and this weekend is the grand finale of a music project I’ve been working on, so things are looking up. Being busy is a good thing, but not when you can’t see the forest from the trees. I need to take another look at GTD or I might go crazy (great, something else to add to my list).

Sometimes just talking about how busy you are gets it off your chest and you can breathe again. Thanks for listening and sorry this post was mainly about nothing.

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