The Joys of the Music Industry

For the past three years, I’ve been booking all of the musical entertainment at the Grant Park Festival. I happen to know a lot of musicians and so it isn’t too painful for me to line up a decent group of bands (check out this year’s lineup). It can still be a logistical nightmare, sometimes, trying to schedule the lineup, create a logical flow to the music and not step on egos. I think I manage alright. The bands still return my calls, so I think they are relatively cool with how I work.

Bands live complicated lives, though, so every year people will have to cancel on me. It’s no big deal; I usually have extras lined up to fill in the vacancies. This year has been about par for the course with 2 or 3 bands having to either cancel or play at a different time. Like I said, no big deal.

Well, get a load of this email I received yesterday, a mere 3 days before the festival starts. It’s from a guy playing a small food and wine event at the festival (and is actually one of the few paying gigs).


Yesterday evening I set my classical guitar on top of 
my car and the wind blew it off and it broke. I am 
sorry but I have to cancel on the agreed upon date. 

Xxxx Xxxxxx

What an idiot. Is that the only acoustic guitar in Georgia? You don’t have any friends you can call to borrow a guitar? Hell, aren’t there going to be about 100 musicians at the festival who might have something you can play? Have a little backbone, dude! I mean, it sucks that your guitar broke, but don’t let that bring you down! Pull yourself up by your boot straps!

I’d hate to be this guy’s boss.

Dear Boss,

This morning as I was getting ready to come into 
work, I spilled coffee on my brand new shirt.  I 
don't have anything else clean so I'm not going to 
be able to come into work today.  Sorry

Xxxx Xxxxxx

Needless to say, this guy has been replaced and will not be playing the festival.

So, if you want to come hang out at a cool festival, come on down to Grant Park this weekend! My wife will be showing her jewelry and I’ll be hanging out all weekend enjoying the music (and beer).

One thought on “The Joys of the Music Industry”

  1. Lamest. Excuse. Ever.


    Dude is *only* able to play because that guitar was inhabited by a super helpful, but slightly evil spirit that would make him a great guitar player so long as he sucked its toes at night. He dropped the guitar and *poof* — no more ability.

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