Top Drunk

The wife and I watched the reunion show of Top Chef last night. Next week they will pick a winner, so this week they brought everyone back on the show to bitch about each other and drink. And drink they did. This was the drunkenest reunion show ever. “I’m not your bitch, bitch” Dave went overboard with his “Tiffany is a bitch” theme and Steven went waaay overboard trying to repair his arrogant image on the show. Steven was slurring so badly during his apology to Candice that it was just embarrasing to watch.

At the end of the show they made the 3 finalists leave the set so everyone could make their predictions. Harold is the only one of the remaining three that deserves to win. He has consistenly shown what it takes to be a true chef. Tiffany has talent but is too, dare I say it, bitchy to gain any respect and Dave is just an emotional mess.

I personally think that the winner is going to surprise everyone. My prediction is:


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