Red Magazine’s 100 Overlooked Albums

Red magazine has come up with a damn good list of 100 albums overlooked by Rolling Stone in that magazine’s recent 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list.

The editors of Red magazine came up with some really good selections here. I might just make it a goal to get every album on this list that I don’t already own.

There’s also some well-written analysis regarding the importance of selected albums. Case in point:

Wowee Zowie – Pavement
The greatest band of the ’90s made their greatest album with Wowee Zowie. Sure, Slanted and Enchanted was groundbreaking as hell, and deserves to get every accolade it can muster, but there is something about this record in particular that just breaks the hell out of my heart. Maybe it was the fact that I heard it for the first time when I was just beginning to comprehend what music was and what it can be capable of doing, when I was just learning how to be a teenager, when I was trying to make bands that sounded like this record, but only ending up with something that sounded like Sum 41 led by four sophomore Johnny Rottens. I hated this album for being so damn good.—JS

Nice work, Red magazine. Not too shabby for a magazine from Utah.

(via LHB)

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