Beating a Dead Schiavo

This is fucking ridiculous.

The autopsy results for Terry Schiavo showed that she was in a persistent vegetative state. This should have been good enough to finally silence all of the asshole politicians who slandered Michael Schiavo’s name and weighed in with their unqualified opinions, but apparently not. Now ol’ Jeb wants to investigate what took Michael so long to call 911 15 years ago.

I am so so so sick of this damn case. The only good that came out of it for me was the discussion in our family about living wills. My aunt was especially vocal in her announcements to anyone within earshot that she would not want to be kept alive in that state under any circumstances.

Well, when she had a massive brain aneurysm two weeks ago and was being kept alive by a respirator with no brain activity whatsoever, it was very easy for the family to make a decision about what to do. For that I’m thankful.

Leave Michael Schiavo alone.

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