Social Security Stories

The Democracy for America web site has a cool little feature that lets you search for Social Security stories in your area. It’s a good way to show how well Social Security works, how many people have benefited from it and why it should be saved, not dismantled. This is a story I found near me:

Priscilla from Atlanta, GA wrote:

I retired recently. I received a small payout from my employer which I rolled over to an IRA. I made several adjustments to my 401K and IRA plans, too. I started saving for my retirement as soon as I could, but the amount was cut in half during the stock market crash of 2000, never really recovering. But the real story here is that of all the accounts I had to deal with, Social Security was the only one that worked smoothly. I had to prod and cajole investment banks to carry out my wishes. I never really felt I could trust them to do what they were supposed to do. My Social Security payments come like clockwork, and there were no mistakes. I am very grateful that our government saw fit to provide some income, however modest, for us when we no longer work full time. It allows us to maintain a dignified standard of living without burdoning our children, and in my case to do free-lance work in a field I love.

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