TV Challenge

The wife and I were watching some TeeVee last night when she challenged me to find something good to watch that wasn’t a) reality tv or b) a home improvement show. I know that technically a home improvement show is reality tv, but the home improvement format has been around long before Survivor® and it’s ilk reared their demon heads, so we consider it a distinct tv flavor.

We had just finished watching the Amazing Race and had enjoyed that show, so don’t think that we consider reality tv unwatchable. The wife just wanted to challenge me. I proceeded to click around looking for a good show to watch. I clicked and I clicked, but every single show I landed on fit into the above 2 categories. Every single one. It was hilarious. There is nothing on television these days except reality tv or home improvement shows.

I quickly gave up. I landed on the following show and we watched the whole damn thing (please help us).

Dog the Bounty Hunter

One thought on “TV Challenge”

  1. That’s funny. A friend of mine was just telling me about
    how he was on the road for work,and after a long day he returned to his hotel room to veg in front of the TV. While searching for something decent to watch he came across Dog The Bounty Hunter. He said it was so bad he couldn’t believe it and he sat and watched the whole thing. I guess it’s so bad it’s good.

    Or something.

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