Faris Tilton

Yesterday a friend of mine suggested that I mention Paris Hilton on my blog so I would get more hits. I can’t believe he thinks that I’m so shallow that I would stoop to mentioning someone (Paris Hilton) just to increase my Web traffic. I would expect a little more respect than that. Jeez, you think you know someone pretty well and then they start assuming things about you that are preposterous (kind of like how Paris Hilton thought she knew her boyfriend pretty well and didn’t expect him to show that video they made to anyone else, but I digress.) and reflects how little they in fact do know about you.

If I were to start talking about Paris Hilton, it would be kind of interesting to see just how much of an increase in traffic that would bring, but I’m not going to do it (write Paris Hilton on my blog). My (2) loyal readers expect just a little more of me and I’m not going to disappoint them. I think Paris Hilton would agree with me as well.

So, let me repeat, I am not going to write the words “Paris Hilton” on my blog in some shallow attempt to benefit from the traffic that would result from people typing “Paris Hilton” in a search engine somewhere.

And I definitely will NOT mention Paris Hilton’s Sex Tape. I’m sorry, but I have morals and will simply not go there.

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  1. if you think that paris hilton was not complicit in the release of the Paris Hilton Sex Tape XXX, then you are smart, i will see you the fuck later.

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