I’m definitely of the mindset

I’m definitely of the mindset that we have to try and figure out why these terrorists did this. I feel that the news networks are not doing a good job at trying to answer this question, although I think they might be getting better in recent days (we’ll see how that pans out).

I’ve been preaching over and over to anyone who listens that there are distinct reasons why these people did this. “It’s not just a vague attack on democracy,” is what I say. They are retaliating for something that they believe (rightly or wrongly that) the US did to them.

Well, I recently thought to myself, “if they feel strongly enough about their cause to perform this terrible act, wouldn’t you think that they would want to get their point across completely and somehow declare why they did this?” This usually happens fairly quickly after most terrorist attacks. After the attacks, the terrorists will say something along the lines of, “We bombed the Quicky-Mart to hasten the release of our comrades in arms of the People’s Republic of Cheeseburgers (PRC) which have been wrongly held by the evil satan of the Hamburglar regime. God bless Condiments. Praise be with Ketchup”

What strikes me about these attacks is the complete silence on the matter. Usually you at least have some crazy factions claiming responsibility, but in this case, nothing. Now, the most obvious reason for the silence is the fear of retaliation. Whoever did this knew that they were as good as dead if they opened their mouths. But, I just think it is weird that no one has fessed up. That to me is the real cowardice in this whole thing. If you killed over 5,000 innocent people for your own crazy reason, don’t just sit back and let everyone wonder who did it. Stand up and shout, it was me, I am very angry at you for these reasons and that is why I did this!

I saw an Osama follower last night on TV talking about real cowardice–pushing a button to launch a cruise missile and then playing some bloody version of a video game to help that missile find its target. Think about it, he’s got a point. But he missed another point entirely. His leaders are doing their own version of push the button. Except their buttons are people who are convinced that they are invincible because they are going to heaven when they carry out their suicide mission. I don’t think the men who hijacked these planes and flew them into buildings were cowards. That definitely took alot of (completely insane) guts.

Poor idiots.

For the first time in

For the first time in almost a week, I have what you might call a feeling of defiance. Instead of being frightened, I’m now beginning to feel a little stronger and have the mindset of “fuck those assholes, I will not be intimidated. I will go about my business as normally as I can.” It actually feels kind of good, in a strange sort of way.

But, always, the sadness is there, just under the surface of everything I do and think.

Milosevic’s picture has been taken

Milosevic’s picture has been taken off of Yugoslavia’s web site according to NPR. I guess it’s official then. Milosevic is no longer in power.

It’s good to know that a content department can make international news by removing a jpg. It makes my job seem the slightest bit more important. Oops, gotta go. Someone misspelled “the” again…