The dirt is still on my shoes from burying you. Erin and I picked a great spot for you in the backyard where it’s sunny most of the day. We think you’ll like it there.

You were a great friend. I remember taking naps and waking up to you on my chest, purring your little heart out. Other times, when I was sleeping on my side, I’d find you curled up in a ball near my chest where it’s warm. You loved to rub up against our oldest dog, Sage. You two were quite a pair.

You loved to chase plastic caps all over our house. I still expect to hear the sound of a cap flying across the floor in the other room and you running after it to pounce. Erin and I are saving the caps we find around the house to remember you by.

You were the kind of cat that cat-haters like. Erin and I never liked cats (and probably still don’t) until you came into our lives. You were so sweet and cute. You actually came when you were called. If I yelled out from the bedroom, Nutkin!, you’d come running and hop up onto the bed. I’m really going to miss that.

When I woke up this morning, I had no idea I’d be saying goodbye to you today. Erin and I wish we could have just one more day with you, and it’s excruciating that we cannot. The only solace we have right now is that we gave you a great little life and you will be the source of many great memories as we go through the rest of our lives.

I love you, Nutkin. Goodnight.