This Post Was Blogger Tested

As I was brushing my teeth this morning, I glanced up at a stick of deodorant in my cabinet. The cap featured a selling point of the deodorant: Dermatologist Tested!

I’m no expert, but I would assume that any deodorant ever put to market is tested by a dermatologist at some point. In fact, I sort of demand it. Doesn’t the USA have an organization called the FDA that is supposed to make sure products are screened and tested before being released out into the public?

Trying to sell a deodorant by claiming it is Dermatologist tested is like celebrating the fact that the car you’re selling has passed government-mandated crash tests.

Chapel Hill’s Elusive Charms

I played a show last night with the Georgia Fireflies. I’m not sure how it came up, but we were standing around back stage and found ourselves suddenly talking about Chapel Hill, NC. We had all been there, some a few times, either playing shows or just daytripping from a nearby city. We all agreed on one thing about Chapel Hill: we don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’s a cool city, but not one of us ever really enjoyed hanging out there. It looks good on paper: college town, cool local bands, rock clubs, record/book stores, etc. But, for some reason, it just doesn’t add up. There’s like one main street, some barely decent restaurants and you can walk around the whole downtown area in about 30 minutes tops. After that, it’s like, huh?

So, if you know why Chapel Hill is a cool town, or can explain its charms, will you please let me know? Any cool areas that I and all my friends missed for some reason? Like, is there this insane skate park, with elephant rides and killer home brew situated a few blocks off the main drag? I’m genuinely curious because I want to like that town, but can’t help feeling that Athens, GA blows it out of the water. Prove me wrong, internets.


This morning as I was heading out of my neighborhood, I found myself behind a big, shiny SUV with the Letters REP stamped all over it. It kind of freaked me out to see that vehicle in my neighborhood because on closer inspection I was able to see that REP stands for Radiological Emergency Preparedness.

In these troubled times, that’s not the kind of vehicle I want to see tooling around my neighborhood.

Are You a Yindie?

I’m not ready to admit it yet, but I might be a Yindie. The test they have on that page is totally geared toward the British, but I still have a hunch that I’m in the club.

Meet the Yindie: half-yuppie, half-indie, moneyed urban hipsters aged 20-35 who listen to wry northern indie music on their iPod nanos, and who think Zadie Smith is the pinnacle of alternative fiction.

I am 100% sure, however, that Michael Oakley is a Yindie.


I was driving through an area of Atlanta called Morningside today. I was on a street called Monroe when I passed a sign that I doubt you’ll normally find in that area: Blasting Zone.

I uncontrollably hit the accelerator a little harder after seeing that.