Here is one of the

Here is one of the most thoughtful essays I’ve seen so far. There are many memorable quotes, but I like this one:

these past events are the ultimate case of high tech vs. tools from the bronze age, wherein, our position as a world superpower did nothing to protect us from what amounts to a grassroots attack by modern-day knifemen.

and this one:

by now, we all know that u.s. foreign policy has had a hand in the grave issues tearing apart the middle east, including what america thought was the cost-free support of israel, and even the taliban themselves when we were trying to get rid of the russians occupying afghanistan during the cold war. we create monsters to get rid of monsters and that goes on ad infinitum in a vicious circle.

o.k., I’m in on the

o.k., I’m in on the blog muy. What’s to say. It’s a strange up and down… One of the best things I saw was a town meeting on MSNBC, kind of what talk shows should be, rather than the Jerry Springers and Oprahs. Real folks, real issues, real feelings.

The violence against minorities is appalling. Makes me wonder how the war will pan out. There is a visceral anger and hatred, and it would be wise to separate this anger from our eagerness to respond. For the most part, I’m with the program, and willing to make any sacrifices, contributions, etc necessary. Wondering what Ralph Nader would do as president…