A friend of mine (in order to protect his identity, I’ll just make up a name for him: Johnny) lost his wedding ring last night. He wrote a note with his name and number and a description of the ring in case someone at the bar found it. The only problem is, he couldn’t remember what was inscribed on the inside of the ring. It was his wedding date and he couldn’t remember it.

As he was calling his wife to tell her a) that he lost his wedding ring and b) could she remind him what their wedding anniversary was, I couldn’t help but think about how dead I would be if that was me.

Needless to say, as he was calling her, Johnny was very flustered about the whole thing. His wife, instead of being mad at him, just asked why he was so flustered. She said, “are your friends making fun of you too hard?”

I’m pretty sure Johnny will find his ring. It will probably be on top of his dresser at home.