Okay, so I subscribe to

Okay, so I subscribe to Spin magazine and I will never ever subscribe to it again because it sucks, but I read something in this month’s issue that disturbed me: Stephen Malkmus is quoted saying that Pavement is history. Shit.

Here is the direct quote:

“Pavement is history. But we’re all on good terms.
I haven’t noticed any passive aggression yet.”

BTW, he was being asked about his new band which are called The Jicks and will be putting out an album on Matador in early 2001.


New additions to the audio

New additions to the audio and video pages today. More funny stuff. And this time I’m serious. Serious about the stuff being funny I mean. So, to sum up: we have added some seriously funny stuff to the muy that is not serious, only funny. Period. (sigh) I wish I went to school, this would all be easier.

The funniest thing by far has to be the eminenya song. And, oh yeah, props go to megnut.


I fucking love Mudhoney

I fucking love Mudhoney. Matt Lukin is a golden god.

Excerpt from Magnet article:

“In the dressing room, the group lays odds on whether Superchunk will show. Lukin recalls the time Mudhoney played with the North Carolina band and he threw up in front of Superchunk bassist Laura Ballance in the dressing-room shower. Somehow this story reminds him of the time he shit his pants – a fart gone horribly wrong, Lukin says. “I went to wash my pants out in the shower,” he says, “but my roommate had this really long hair that clogged the drain, and the tub filled up with shit water.” Groans of grinning disgust all around. Then there was the time that Spin called Lukin for an interview, and he told them to fuck off and hung up. “I thought they were trying to get me to subscribe,” he says. “I told them, ‘I don’t read your shitty magazine, and I never will.'”

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